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Theoretical Mechanics Department



15 instructors

1 researcher

1 head of the practice laboratory

1 leading programmer

1 engineer of the first category

12 post-graduate students


The Head of the Department

Honored Scientist of Russia Federation,

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Professor,

Member of the High School International Academy

Member of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control.

Yuri G. Martynenko


·                    Main Research Topics                                          

Scientific Supervisors
    • The Motion of Mobile Robots and Nonholonomic Electromechanical Systems

Prof. Yuri G. Martynenko

    • Mathematical Simulation and Analysis of Sensors Dynamics in Navigation and Motion Control Systems

Prof. Yuri G. Martynenko,

Prof. Valery V. Podalkov

    • Mechanotronic Control Systems with Real-Time Computer Systems Applied

o       Prof. Alexander I. Kobrin

    • Optimum Control and Estimation in Dynamic Systems

    • Mathematical Principles of Robots Navigation

o       Prof. Sergey I. Gubarenko

    • Inductive Method in Solving Problems on Mathematics and Mechanics (calculation and optimization of framed structures; transformation and solution of differential equations)

o       Prof. Michail N. Kirsanov

    • Computer Simulation of Linked Bodies Systems. Computer Educational and Control Software.

o       Candidate of Technical Sciences Nikolay V. Osadchenko

    • New Nanomechanics Technologies for development diamond like silicon-carbon firms and coats

Laboratory head, Candidate of Technical Sciences Michail L. Shupegin


·                    Contracts and State Budget Themes


o          Software development of multisensor systems in space orientation and navigation of new generation on the basis of electrostatic gyroscopes

o          Magnetomechanical systems for astroorientation of the space platform

o          Miniature inertial orientation and navigation systems for mobile robots

o          Optimum control of Manipulators and mobile robots based on information from integrated inertial navigation systems

o          Design of inclinometric navigation small diameter instrument for controlling the hole space position and depth

o          Complex investigating the opportunity of the application of diamondlike films as corrosion preventing coats for some details in power installations

o          Computer-Aided Workstation for making specialized real-time software systems (modules of orientation, navigation and controlling mobile objets)


·                    Main published papers


o          S.I. Gubarenko, A.V. Tolstykh. Inertial Orientation and Navigation Systems for Manipulation Robots // Moscow Power Engineering Institute Transactions. No. 2. P. 98 - 103.

o          S.I. Gubarenko, I.V. Merkuriyev. Synthesis of the Stabilization Systems for Programmed Mobile Robot Motion by Lyapunov’s Straight Method // International Conference “Information Assets and Technologies”. October 17-19. 2000. V.3. P. 103 - 106.

o          S.I Gubarenko. Initial Alignment of the Strapdown INS on the Vibrating Base // Symposium Gyro Technology. Stuttgart, Germany. September 2000. P. 15.1-15.9.

o          M.N. Kirsanov. Initial Value Stability of the Solution of the Cauchy Generalized Problem for Riccati Equation // Trans. of the Scientific Conference. Voronezh. 2000.

o          M.N. Kirsanov. Optimum Height of the Girder with Linear Material Creep // Izvestiya Vuzov. Stroitelstvo. 2000. No. 5.

o          A.I. Kobrin,  Yu.G. Martynenko, D.M. Gusev, A.O. Yefremov, I.V. Orlov, A.V. Shutyaev. Controlling Autonomous Motion of the Mobile Robot of MPEI // Russian Academy of Sciences. Education Ministry of RF. The Institute of Mechanics // Transactions of a scientific school-conference: “Mobile Robots and Mechatronics Systems”. MSU. 1999.  P.58 – 80.

o          A.I. Kobrin, Yu.G. Martynenko, D.M.Gusev. Navigation of a Mobile Robot on a Polygon Equipped with a System of Beacons // Russian Academy of Sciences. Education Ministry of RF. The Institute of Mechanics // Transactions of a scientific school-conference: “Mobile Robots and Mechatronics Systems”. MSU. 2000. P. 140 – 151.

o          A.I.Kobrin, Yu.M. Okunev, O.Yu. Rakovsky, V.A.Sadovnichiy. Simulation of Space Exterior Ballistics Problem for a Body of Complex Aerodynamic Form with High Carrying Properties // Transactions: “Theoretical Mechanics”. No 23. M: MSU. 2000. P. 167 - 192.

o          A.V. Koretsky, N.V. Osadchenko. Computer Simulation of Manipulation Robots Kinematics. M.: MPEI. 2000.  48 p.

o          Yu.G. Martynenko. Asymptotic Solution of a Generalized Darboux problem with the Conic Base Vibration // Doklady of Russian Academy of Sciences. 1999. V. 369. No 4. P. 1 - 3.


·                    Partners


o          State Unitary Enterprise, Moscow Experimental Design Office “MARS”, Moscow

o          Moscow Electromechanics and Automatics Institute

o          Federal Science – production Center. Joint Stock Company “Ramenskoye Instrument – Engineering Design Bureau”, Ramenskoye, Moscow region

o          Federal Scientific Center  “CSRI Electropibor”, St. Petersburg

o          Velizi Technological University, Paris, France

o          Hydrodynamics Institute of the Tokhoku  University, Japan

o          Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

o          University of Enschede, Netherlands


·                    Unique Equipment


o      Equipment for spraying thin diamondlike  films

o      Mobile robots for International scientific technical festivals “Mobile robots – 1999,2000”

o      Handle for displaying efforts during computer modeling (virtual reality)

o      Package “Universal Mechanism” for modeling the dynamics of complex linked bodies

o      Strapdown Inertial Navigation System for investigating the regimes of initial alignment and navigation

o      Stand for investigating dynamic and accuracy characteristics of a dynamically tuned gyroscope

o      Stand for investigating the processes of information transmission and reception in multiprocessor and multiproblems real-time systems



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